UTG Premiere: Marco Featuring Alex Black – “Ghoul$”

The middle of the work week is typically a drag, but today is different because UTG has the world premiere of the latest video from WFFW member Marco.

Featuring members of Weirdos Forever Forever Weirdos, junkyards, RVs, and other slick visuals courtesy of director Pablo Vasquez, “Ghoul$” is the second track off Marco’s XVI EP to receive the video treatment. It’s the kind of joint you can sit and vibe to, with sixteen-year-old Marco going in with bar after bar on the topics of life, brotherhood, and drive. You can view the clip below.

I first encountered “Ghoul$” in the fall of 2013, and I don’t think a single week has passed since without the song somehow finding its way into my iTunes rotation. The entire WFFW squad have been tapped into something special for the last year and a half, pumping out banger after banger regardless of whether or not the press make time to listen, and this track is no different. “Groupies” may have put Marco on the map, and “Throwed” certainly left its mark, but I think it will be “Ghoul$” that cements him as being more than just hype for many hip hop heads worldwide.

If this is your first time experiencing Marco and the WFFW crew, make sure you slap yourself as hard as you possibly can for sleeping on the group that will be on the front page of every urban music blog in a year or less. After that, clean yourself up and head over to WeirdoCity for all your WFFW music needs. Streams, mixtape downloads, promotion photos, and additional music videos are just a click away. Get familiar.

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