Stream Little Daylight’s Debut Album ‘Hello Memory’

Brooklyn trio Little Daylight may claim to bring a small amount of light to the room, but we think they’ve got the whole thing glowing. After one listen to the CHVRCHES-esque “My Life,” we’ve been waiting for the synth pop group to drop their debut album, Hello Memory, on July 15. Now we get to hear it in full.

Hello Memory is ripe with sweetness the way CHVRCHES were in 2013 but manages to keep it on the cool side of things like M83. There’s youthful vibes trodding along fun instrumentation and post-rock, and cerebral structure, most of which is capitalized by Nikki Taylor’s bubbly vocals. It’s light without being wishy-washy and sweet without giving you a headache. If one thing is for sure, it’s that their debut record will sound great when played live on their upcoming tour.

Stream it over at NPR to see what we mean.

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