Weird Al Has No Time For Excess, Gets Down, Dirty, And “Handy” In Riff On “Fancy”

It’s day four of Weird Al Watch. As we head into the halftime of his eight-videos-in-eight-days mission, Weird Al offers to get lacquer off our furniture and get those nasty heating bills down in “Handy,” which, unfortunately, doesn’t quite have the star-studded twist of yesterday’s “Foil.” “Handy” still serves up some quality Weird Al, as even the weirdest handyman agrees that duct tape fixes everything.

All of these songs – “Handy” joins “Tacky,” “Word Crimes,” and “Foil” – come off Weird Al’s now-available fourteenth album, Mandatory Fun. Glancing over the tracklist, it seems likely that “Inactive” is the heavy favorite for tomorrow’s parody, should he stick to the current streak of specific song parodies. The only way to know for sure, quite obviously, is to check back in tomorrow morning. Until then, take a few tips on how to “glue dat,” “screw dat,” and be a little less racist.

Also, the video is streaming via the suddenly prominent Yahoo Screen. Community fans can take a look at the future home of their favorite non-traditional students.

Tyler Hanan
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