MUSIC VIDEO: YG – “Bicken Back Being Bool”

Elevating himself from the streets of Compton Bompton to the national spotlight, YG has been on quite a tear in 2014. With the release of his game-changing AOTY contender, My Krazy Life, alongside selling out venue after venue from coast to coast on an album-supporting tour, he’s managed to grab the respect of fans and critics alike. As seen in the brand new music video for the DJ Mustard produced cut “Bicken Back Being Bool,” though, it’s obvious YG hasn’t forgotten his roots.

Combining his modern take on the West Coast’s classic sound with visuals straight out of a time when Dr. Dre and Snoop still ruled the scene musically, the video finds the California rapper and his crew throwing it down in the front yard with dominoes, double cups, and 40s before all hell breaks loose. It’s a perfect compliment to one of My Krazy Life‘s best tracks that has our staff raving as it continues the trend of YG dominating all aspects of the modern rap scene by bridging old and new.

Follow the jump to check the music video, and if you have some spare time, be sure to check out our interview with YG himself alongside DJ Mustard here.

Mike Giegerich
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One Response to “MUSIC VIDEO: YG – “Bicken Back Being Bool””

  1. Brian Lion says:

    Not feelin’ the hype on this dude. Got nothing out of that video, and what the fuck does “Bicken Back Being Bool” mean?

    “Let me rap about guns a bunch and put them in my video because that’s original…”