Listen to JJ’s Beautiful New Single “Dean & Me”

It’s been three months since we first got word of Swedish duo JJ’s new album, VSince then, we’ve seen one glitter-filled teaser video, a haunting single that gave us goosebumps, and a tracklist outlining the intimate titles of songs we have yet to hear. Today, Joakim Benon and Elin Kastlander return to share a new synth pop track that pairs well with the last of July’s sunny rays: “Dean & Me.”

Club beats and skittering cymbal taps outline the soaring new single as JJ’s melodic chorus of “oohs” raises us back up from the emotional well “All White Everything” left us in. It’s a complete switch from the direction has led us in so far. As if dusted in sugar, Kastlander’s lyrics come with an artificial phrasing that makes the pairing of “I’m falling apart because I’m falling in love” with “It’s my party, I get high if I want to” possible. It’s a subtle piece of genius. We’ve all been in love before, but never has it sounded so certified for both an ’80s rom-com and an ’00s manga commercial.

Stream the single below:

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