Lowbanks the dogs

Sluggish, dirty and distorted punk rock has never sounded better. LOWBANKS, hailing from Atlanta, Georgia, embodies the spirit a young Nirvana with the tenacity of a Burn, Piano Island Burn era The Blood Brothers. The band’s latest song, “She’s The Worst,” is the type of music that makes every joint in your body come alive — driving and loud but with an undeniable groove at its core.

The song comes off the band’s latest record, The Dogs, which dropped today. Singer and guitarist John Graffor said “She’s the Worst” is the most ‘self-explainatory’ song off the new record.

“it’s about a girl who can’t be described as anything more positive than ‘the worst,'” Gaffo said. “Our bassist, Selfish, actually wrote this song while we were in the studio on our last day of tracking. I was doing vocals for “Street Rat” and blowing out my voice while he was writing it, so by the time we got to track vocals my voice was super rough and scratchy. On top of that I’d woken up that morning and hadn’t been able to open my mouth all the way after hurting my jaw the evening before, so I did all the vocals through gritted teeth with a torn-up throat, which is what gives the vocals that raw, cracking, blown-out sound. When Selfish came to me with the riff for the outro I was tempted to rewrite the whole song with that as the main riff, but luckily [drummer] Grey and Selfish had the sense to stop me. John Restivo from Concord America actually co-wrote the lyrics to the chorus when he stopped by the studio in the middle of us recording, and I think that’s part of the reason we dig this song so much. Plus, it really embodies everything we want to do—write loud, fun, rock & roll and play music with our friends.”

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