Stream American Wrestlers’ Incredibly Catchy Track “Kelly”

If you’re looking for a pause from all the winter snow, then make way for American Wrestlers. The indie rock Scotland-via-Missouri act will drop his self-titled debut LP on April 7 via Fat Possum. His lead single “Kelly” will single-handedly brighten up your whole day, if not week.

“Kelly” operates by avoiding cliche pitfalls and twisting the usual route. Sparing guitar riffs crack through lo-fi speakers and shake out a dissonant bridge in the chorus, acting like fantastical stilts for the Scotsman’s snarky delivery. He chooses not to clog it with clean mixing and, as a result, leaves enough space between notes for your own thoughts to rest. American Wrestlers runs in Phoenix‘s footsteps, staking out a spot all their own amidst shimmering pop and melodic hooks. Although, be warned: the song’s lyrics discuss Kelly Thomas, a mentally ill homeless man that was beaten to death by police in 2011, so things do get grim.

Stream it below:

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One Response to “Stream American Wrestlers’ Incredibly Catchy Track “Kelly””

  1. justin says:

    Anyone have a lead on the lyrics to this beautiful thing?