UTG PREMIERE: Charlie Sztyk – “Wed”

Charlie Sztyk is an artist who deserves to be on every folk, indie, and pop lover’s radar – on the minds and in the ears of any music lover in general really. We’re honored to have the opportunity to introduce you to Sztyk’s work with “Wed,” a new single from his forthcoming album, The Arc, which will be released later this year in two parts.

“Wed” is unlike anything I’ve ever heard before. It’s dark and poignant in tone and lyricism, inspired by trying times and situations in Sztyk’s life, involving family and internal battles. It contains elements of folk, pop, shoegaze and indie rock but it opens and carries on at times almost like an inviting, melodic black metal track. Imagine a slower, pop-infused version of Deafheaven’s “Dream House” and you might be on the right track. It’s wholly unique and wildly addictive. It was produced by Ian McGuinness of Side Saddle and recorded at Farm Studio in West Chester, PA. If you find yourself enamored by acts like The War On Drugs or the great David Bazan, then dive headfirst into “Wed” and feel yourself succumb to its rich atmosphere and alluring arrangements.

You can stream the new single below where you’ll also find a statement from Charlie Sztyk regarding the motivations and meanings behind the song.


“This song is about my mother and how she was diagnosed with cancer 5 years ago. It came at a time when I was thinking about a life without her and how incapable I would be at actually living without her. She did get better and is fine and great and healthy, but those dark thoughts of her being gone still haunt me. The song also captures my internal battle with God and tradition of religion in my family on a certain level. It’s a dark song with a fast chorus. The verses are slow, the bridge is wavy. I like this song a lot.”

We urge you to help fund this project via Kickstarter and make this record a reality. A few bucks can go a long way when adding up. It’s a worthy cause that can result in lifelong tunes for you to enjoy, not to mention dreams coming true and well-deserved achievements for Charlie Sztyk and those involved with the creation of The Arc.

Brian Leak
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