Pile Share Ridiculous “Rock and Roll Forever With The Customer In Mind” Video

Boston has a handful of incredible bands that are too modest to enjoy their own time in the spotlight. Without a doubt, the leaders of that are Pile. The rock band wield guitars to let out some of the best guitar solos you’ve heard in the last ten years all while seemingly unaware of their own relentless talent. On their newest album, You’re Better Than Thisout now via Exploding in Sound Records, they pull it off with a sharpened punk spirit, especially on album closer “Appendicitis.” The last two minutes of the song see them launch into a hectic solo that blows your brain to bits. Thankfully Pile have given those ending minutes the credit they deserve with a short, and very ridiculous, music video.

Directed by Ethan Long and Adric Giles, “Rock and Roll Forever With the Customer in Mind” gives its closing riffs the limelight thanks to a Ramones-style middle finger to high school. Bassist Matt Connery plays American Badass (that’s really who he’s credited as), a punk kid who’s had it up to here with school. With some green hair and a leather jacket decked out in Boston-related pins, he doesn’t hesitate to tell the principal to get lost. Just as easily, he draws Pile’s logo on the whiteboard, hops on his motorcycle, and jets off through a land of trippy cat videos and rainbow-drenched mountains. Connery couldn’t care less what you think. Neither could Pile. That’s exactly why we love them.

Check it out below and don’t forget to pick up a copy of You’re Better Than This right here.

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