UTG PREMIERE: The Black Atlas – “Moonsong”

“Moonsong,” the new ambient rock track from experimental project The Black Atlas, is a translucent and often times cunning track. There are moments in the song that are forthright and loud, and other moments that are atmospheric and ethereal. It’s a solid track from what is expected to be a worthwhile release.

The Black Atlas mastermind Pete Koronios said, “creatively, the lyrics and tone of the song come from a combination of that symbolism, and a sort of interior recollection of personal events.”

The song, which comes off of Devils, the second volume of The Equinox series, can be streamed in the exclusive interview with Koronios below. Devils is due out this summer. Leave your thoughts on the track in the comments below.

Hi! I’d love to firstly introduce The Black Atlas to our readership. How would you define this project? What is the equivalent to your elevator pitch?

It’s a very personal project. I’m still figuring things out about it. I don’t really define it. It defines me. It’s a way of communicating with myself. Probably not a great elevator pitch, but I’m not trying to convince anyone of anything.

We’re premiering “Moonsong” today. Where were you at creatively when writing this song? Where does the track’s influence come from?

Most of the imagery comes from a personal meditation upon “The Moon” Tarot Trump card from the Marseille deck I had recently bought. Creatively, the lyrics and tone of the song come from a combination of that symbolism, and a sort of interior recollection of personal events. Physically, I was halfway through a bottle of wine in my apartment, on the night of a full moon.

The song has a totally unique side to it, aurally, as well as artistically. How did the production process go?

It’s one of the first songs I wrote for this project, so it has had a few different incarnations. The lyrics have never been altered, only added to. I wanted to put them down stream of consciousness. Jesse Clasen (HRVRD, The Bear Romantic) has been my producer/engineer for these EPs. We worked together to make the verses ambient and unsettling in some subliminal ways that the listener probably won’t be able to put their finger on.

What are we to expect from the EP “Moonsong” comes from, Devils?

Two more songs, one of which is an instrumental track. More subliminal production. More lyrics that are a product of a kind of free association. More distorted guitars. Sudden mood swings. Inexplicable absurdities. The beautiful voice of Ally Hoffmann.

What has you most excited about the new release?

The Devils EP was recorded in October of last year. Sitting on something for so long can have you a little anxious; although, I have a lot of patience for that type of planning. Watching every creative piece come together for a release can be a kind of thrill. Colin Frangicetto’s (Circa Survive, Psychic Babble) artwork for this EP, “Godless Prayer” is something I’m really excited about. It’s an excellent companion piece for the art he did for the first EP, The Other.

What does the rest of the year have in store?

I’m having a show for the release of the Devils EP as an event attached to a performance of Sleep No More at The McKittrick Hotel, in New York City, in June. I’m very involved in preparations for that right now. I went to a performance of Sleep No More back in December and it was slightly life altering. Other than that, more traveling, making music, hunting for antiquarian literature. Hopefully some warm weather for New York.

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