Citizen Announce New Album, ‘Everybody Is Going To Heaven’

The alt-rock trendsetters of Citizen have unveiled plans to release a new album, titled Everybody is Going to Heaven, on June 23 through Run For Cover Records. Head over to the band’s official website to hear a brief teaser of what’s to come, and check out the record’s cover art below.

The outfit’s latest undertaking, which was recorded with acclaimed producer Will Yip, will act as a follow-up to 2013’s Youth.

“We’re doing whatever we feel like and we’re not too worried about people missing a certain old sound or anything like that,” said guitarist Nick Hamm. “The stuff we have prepared for the record is twice as big as Youth. It’s Citizen, but it’s turned up to 11.”

If you’re excited for some new Citizen jams, sound off in the replies.


Kyle Florence
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2 Responses to “Citizen Announce New Album, ‘Everybody Is Going To Heaven’”

  1. Brian Lion says:

    As someone who will probably buy this on vinyl, album cover is horribly underwhelming.

  2. K. Bennett says:

    I agree… but it is very citizen.