UTG PREMIERE: Ryan Stapleton – “Vibrate Your Body”

ryan stapleton premiere

“Vibrate Your Body,” the new single from Philadelphia-based artist Ryan Stapleton is both sensually addictive and overtly magnetic.

The song, streaming exclusively below, contains the swagger of ELO, the sophistication of MGMT and the pop sensibility of Passion Pit. The single, which is due out for purchase July 14, shows Stapleton can write songs with the best of the alternative pop world. He called the lyrics of the song very ‘tongue-in-cheek,’ but we don’t mind. The hook is still undeniable.

“There’s a lot of my dumb teenage self in there, in regards to a so-called sexual awakening—for lack of a better word—but the image in my head is your teenage self at the top of the block of your girlfriend’s street, waiting for her parents to leave so you can be let in,” Stapleton said.

“I consider my tracks to be more trains of thought than songs, per se,” he continued. “There’s a phrase that I love to use to describe my writing—staircase wit. It’s essentially thinking of the perfect response after the time to speak up has passed. My lyrics are everything I should have or wanted to say in the moments that inspire the songs.

Listen to the song now and leave your thoughts in the comments below. Pre-order the single here.

*Feature photo by Nick Grzeczkowski

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