Run The Jewels Miss Obvious “Purrly” Pun, Release “Meowrly” From ‘Meow The Jewels’

If you’ve been following Run The Jewels in any capacity since last year’s Run The Jewels 2, you’re probably aware of Meow The Jewels, the project in which El-P recreates the duo’s entire sophomore record using nothing but cat noises. We’ve heard a few sneak peeks of the project via Instagram videos, but RTJ has finally released a full track via Soundcloud. Check out the awkwardly titled “Meowrly” below.

According to tweets from El-P, this track was produced by BOOTS. Surprisingly, the awkward mish-mash of purrs and meows sounds decent with Killer Mike rapping the now-familiar “Early” on top. Take a listen to the track below, and let us know what you would have titled the song at our Twitter.

John Bazley
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