UTG PREMIERE: Aaron Lee Tasjan – “The Dangerous Kind”

the dangerous kind single premiere

Aaron Lee Tasjan’s newest single, “The Dangerous Kind,” is a fine piece of blues rock ‘n’ roll music. The track—which comes off of Tasjan’s new record, In The Blazes—mixes everything from poignant storytelling to sleek and saucy guitar playing. “This love is the dangerous kind,” Tasjan sings. This song is the dangerous kind…dangerously good.

In The Blazes, due out Oct. 6, was tracked in one week at New Monkey Studio in Los Angeles. That’s the same studio where Elliott Smith’s posthumously released record From a Basement on a Hill was tracked.

Check out what this Ohio-born, Nashville-based folk, blues and rock ‘n’ roll songwriter had to say about the track:

“To me the most interesting part of this version of “The Dangerous Kind” is the rhythm section. The song really features the drumming of Dan Bailey and the bass playing of Eli Thomson—it’s the bones and the machinery of the thing, and it’s kind of gross and I love it. It’s trashy and in charge, and there’s little regard for anything but feel. We didn’t do any edits on this one. I remember being surprised by the shuffle feel Dan chose for the song, but it was so fun to sing that way, and the fact that he never hit a crash cymbal in the song gave it a certain sound that immediately felt good, which was more or less the idea for the whole record—only do stuff that feels good right away. Don’t think, don’t overplay and play lights out if at all possible.”

Listen to “The Dangerous Kind” now:

*feature photo courtesy of Stacie Huckeba

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