Better Off Stream Excellent New Single, “Dresser Drawer”

In anticipation of their upcoming Equal Vision debut, Milk, Nashville’s Better Off have unveiled a new single titled “Dresser Drawer.” Listen in below (via USA Today College), and share your thoughts with us in the comments section.

“Lyrically, this is a love song,” explained vocalist Luke Granered. “But to avoid the cheesiness and corniness of it being a love song, it uses suicide as a metaphor. Love can be in dark places and I think that’s something special when it gets discovered.”

As dark as this outlook may seem, the foursome’s latest effort is nothing short of undeniable, building upon the best bits of 2013’s (I Think) I’m Leaving. Granered acknowledged this progression, stating that BO’s newest album “shows a lot of maturation and overall stronger writing.”

“You can just tell we’re older. Milk is as big of a step away from ‘being a band for the sake of being a band’ as we could have taken. I think we really pushed ourselves to write songs we thought were great lyrically and musically,” Granered said.

Milk hits shelves on September 11. Pre-orders are ongoing.

Kyle Florence
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