UTG PREMIERE: Midnight Soundtrack – “Electric Touch”

Midnight Soundtrack have unleashed a brand new single upon the world, in the form of the electronic-infused and undeniably catchy single “Electric Touch.” The song comes off of the project’s new album, Foreplay, which is due out Sept. 25.

Midnight Soundtrack is the side project of award-winning singer-songwriter Marcio Novelli, and it’s the type of project ready to hit you right in the feels. Novelli, the mastermind behind “Electric Touch,” had this to say about the track:

“‘Electric Touch’ is the moment when lust inevitably turns to love; the nature of sex when feelings develop…on one end. Lust turns to love.”

Listen to “Electric Touch” in full now and leave your thoughts in the comments below:

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One Response to “UTG PREMIERE: Midnight Soundtrack – “Electric Touch””

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