UTG PREMIERE: MaryLeigh Roohan – “My Friends” (Music Video)

It’s a tricky business being a singer-songwriter. Drawing from personal experience can be an incredibly affecting tool, but at the same time, it can also be a turnoff to listeners who haven’t left their own shoes. It’s a constant battle between familiarity and function, and only those with the ability to reach a wide audience thrive.

Armed with a soulful delivery and an unmatched lyrical prowess, MaryLeigh Roohan is one such musician. Since first gracing the world with her beautifully moving melodies, the New York native has garnered critical acclaim on both sides of the Atlantic, and quickly captured our hearts with her exceptionally sincere songwriting.

Today, we are thrilled to host the world premiere of Roohan’s official video for “My Friends,” an undeniable number that is equally cutting and catchy. The Lindsey Copeland-directed clip follows a wayward protagonist across vast open spaces and darkened city streets, mirroring the track’s brooding lyrical content with stunning efficiency. Tune in below, and share your thoughts with us in the replies.

“This is the second time Lindsey Copeland and I have collaborated on a project, and I hope we do it a million times over,” Roohan told UTG via email. “It is such a privilege and pleasure to work with other creators and watch new things take shape where different forms intersect. Lindsey’s mind is especially incredible to watch work, and I couldn’t be more excited by the video she created for this track.”

“My Friends” is taken from Roohan’s impending EP, Living Alone, which is set to arrive on September 25. Pick up a pre-order here, and catch her on tour this fall.

Kyle Florence
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