UTG PREMIERE: Dæphne – “Sharpness Is The Game I Play”

At first glance, “bummer-rock” may not sound like the most appealing genre, but one listen to Dæphne and we’re confident that you’ll quickly think otherwise. The Boston-bred outfit blend grungy riffs and glassy vocals with expert precision, making for a must-hear final product that will surely sit well with fans of Adventures, Hop Along and other similar acts.

Today, we have the esteemed privilege of hosting the world premiere of the foursome’s newest single, “Sharpness Is The Game I Play,” a short but sweet alt-rock rager that is equally memorable and melancholy. Check it out below, and share your thoughts with us in the replies.

“Although it’s the shortest track on the album (aside from the intro), ‘Sharpness Is The Game I Play’ is one of the songs that stands out the most,” the band told UTG via email. “It’s one of the few songs that strays away from the sound of the album as a whole, yet manages to keep close to its grunge foundation. Laura and Julian just mesh so well together during songwriting, and I think this song is the best example of that.”

The band’s latest offering is taken from their debut full-length, Full Circle, which is set to arrive later this fall.

Kyle Florence
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