UTG TRACK-BY-TRACK: I Hate Heroes – ‘If Life Were A Book, I’d Skip This Chapter’

Drawing influence from bands like Silverstein, We Came As Romans, and A Day To Remember, I Hate Heroes‘ hook-heavy brand of post-hardcore is essential listening for anyone who has ever spent a sweat-soaked afternoon wandering Warped Tour. The Pennsylvania six-piece effortlessly cycle between radio-ready refrains and pulse-pounding breakdowns, and do so with a poise that is almost without comparison, making for a phenomenal final product that is both familiar and fulfilling.

We recently chatted with the band, who happily gave us all the details on their latest release, If Life Were A Book, I’d Skip This Chapter. Check it out below, and pick up a copy of I Hate Heroes’ latest undertaking here.


This song depicts both the light and the dark side of all of us, where you’re stuck in the vicious cycle of listening to logic or instinct. It has a very deep internal struggle throughout the song. The person in the song is buried in torment from their past and present, and actually learns to not only cope with it, but to embrace the downward spiral that their life is heading, while at the same time realizing that they are on a path of destruction. Amongst all of this, they are in love with someone who they feel fuels the issue, but they’ve learned to love them and the negativity that’s associated with them.

“Cut Your Losses”

This is a song about standing up to society. Many people feel that they need to conform to some sort of “society-driven” standard to be the “cool kid,” and this song strongly speaks out against it. The person in this song has a need and want to search for answers and find their own path in life, while not listening to any of the peer pressure that they are being faced with.


This song is the tale about love at first sight, without the typical ending. The phrase “She hit me like an ambulance speeding away,” is a metaphor for saying “She took my breath away.” This song picks up on the second attempt at a relationship between the two, and he has a predisposition knowing that it will likely not end in happiness. His heart is torn between being scared to be hurt again, but already being hurt not having her, so he wants to take his chances a second time. Towards the end of the song, inevitably, he comes to realize that the pain he feels isn’t worth the happiness that she brings.


This song is about learning a lesson that we all learn at some point in our lives. Everyone at some point or another, has made mistakes, and this song is the process of realizing that you need to own up to those mistakes. It is a quick escalation of someone using alcohol, friends, and delusions to numb themselves to how fast they are sinking, before they realize that all of those are only temporary solutions. Eventually, you come to realize that the only true way to overcome the obstacles is to face them head on and conquer them.

“My Constant”

This is a song that is a reflection on past relationships. It outlines the thought process that many people go through after a breakup, or when thinking back to an ex. It’s that moment that you are alone, thinking of all the good memories that you shared with that special someone, which in turn makes you more depressed about the situation. The song is very metaphorical in its lyrics, portraying the ex as a poison that is eating away at the character in this song. Towards the end, the only thing the person in this song is longing for, is the closure in hearing her say goodbye.

Sincerely Pt.2

This song is a follow-up track to “Sincerely,” which is our acoustic song off of Avarice. That track was more of the sad tale of two lovers that both made mistakes that were pushing them apart. “Sincerely Pt. 2,” starts off continuing the story, where the initial character from “Sincerely” feels sorrowful for breaking the heart of their significant other. However, the song then becomes dark where that initial character realizes they made a mistake and goes through a plethora of emotions, starting with depression, to vengeance, to anger, until eventually going full circle back to sorrow.

Kyle Florence
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