UTG PREMIERE: Christopher Youmans & The Sound Agency – “Make Things Right”

If you’re looking to cut a rug like there’s no tomorrow, then you absolutely need to make some time for Christopher Youmans & The Sound Agency. Boasting beats that would make the late James Brown blush, the Berkeley, California collective are funky with a capital “F,” drawing influence from any and everything that is catchy and dance-inducing.

Today, we’re elated to bring you the world premiere of “Make Things Right,” the lead single off the outfit’s impending EP of the same name. Check it out by following the jump below, and once you finish groovin’, share your thoughts with us in the comments section.

Speaking on the new single, frontman Chris Youmans shares:

The title ‘Make Things Right’ has sort of a double meaning for us. On the one hand, there’s the story that’s written into the songs, which are basically about a relationship I was in at the time. So the title of the single encapsulates the main theme what was going on there. On the other hand, there’s this idea that me and the band have been working hard towards making a record that we’re all really proud of, and then getting the opportunity to share the recordings and the shows with people. So in another sense we wanted to choose ‘Make Things Right’ as the first single because it feels like that’s what we’re doing by releasing this record—making things right for us as a band.

Make Things Right is set to arrive on February 5. In the meantime, get acquainted with Christopher Youmans & The Sound Agency here.

Kyle Florence
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One Response to “UTG PREMIERE: Christopher Youmans & The Sound Agency – “Make Things Right””

  1. Meatmop says:

    Wow sounds SICK. the guitar sounds amazing. Very very impressive. Hi hats hi hats hi hats ***** terrific