UTG PHOTOS: We Came As Romans, Miss May I in Grand Rapids, MI (04/15/16)

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Before shipping out on the Bands vs. Food Tour, We Came As Romans made a pit stop at The Intersection in Grand Rapids, MI with Miss May I, Sworn In and Wilson for a performance that we nearly missed due some soul-crushing Michigan road construction. It’s always a joyous, warm feeling when Spring comes to Michigan—until reality hits in the form of a massive pothole and rips your tire off. With the violent Winters and varying landscapes, Spring always comes with some awful downtime in construction areas. Long story short, we got stuck in traffic for over an hour and unfortunately missed the performances by Sworn In and Wilson.

As I arrived at the venue, Miss May I had already taken the stage and I was faced with having to charge through a massively thick crowd to get to the photo pit before I missed my window of shooting opportunity. Covered in a lovely mix of sweat and beer, I made it to the stage with two songs to go – but that wasn’t an issue because every member of this band is crazy photogenic and exploding with energy. The performance was chilling and there really is something to be said about how incredible Levi’s hair is.

Miss May I-11

Headlining the show was We Came As Romans with a great mix of old and new material. The crowd was packed with young, die-hard fans that knew every word and would grasp at any chance to make contact with the band—even for a second. At this point the crowd surfers really started to pour in and some fans were even jumping the barriers just for a chance to reach out.

We Came As Romans-25

If you take a second to really appreciate a WCAR performance, you’ll understand why their fans are so loyal. Every member of this band has a distinct personality on stage—their own moves and methods to draw in a crowd. Be it wild spins, throwing guitars, or even their uncanny ability to perform in unison, We Came As Romans continues to offer a fun and engaging show. You can catch them on the Bands vs. Food Tour now with Memphis May Fire, Miss May I and For Today.

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Benjamin Howell
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