UTG PHOTOS: Ghost in Grand Rapids, MI (5/20/16)

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On May 20, theatrical rock superstars Ghost came through The Orbit Room in Grand Rapids, MI with special guests Pinkish Black and one of the most unique stage performances I have encountered in a long time. Much of the crowd arrived in face paint and outfits—from nuns to ghouls, and even impersonators of Papa Emeritus himself—everyone had their own way of showing their support.


Pinkish Black kicked the night off with an odd and eerie mix of experimental rock. With engaging beats, dissonant sub-tones, and an overall feeling of lucidity in their performance, this duet from Fort Worth, TX set the atmosphere in the venue somewhere between spooky and trippy. Visually, the performance left a bit to be desired, and while some of the music was very fitting, other pieces felt equally out of place. This performance would have benefited greatly from a little more interaction, both on stage and with the crowd.


As Pinkish Black left the stage, it seemed like the anticipation for Ghost grew exponentially with each passing second. People in the crowd went through waves of chants and everyone had an opinion to offer. As they took the stage, the venue erupted with screams. The thick scent of incense and vape clouds filled the air. Seeing Papa Emeritus III emerging from the mass of Nameless Ghouls was enough to send chills down my spine, and the whole show was no less impressive. Evoking sensations and rituals that you wouldn’t find anywhere other than church, Ghost offers a fully inclusive and engaging show while preaching one simple message: “joyful bliss.”

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Benjamin Howell
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