Brand New tease possible break-up date through…t-shirts?

Don’t panic, but Brand New might have just given us a sign that there is an end date to the band. Normally new merch is a thing to celebrate, but the t-shirt designs that Brand New released today carry a very interesting detail.

We’ve included pictures of the shirt designs below for you to check out. Notice those dates? The shirts read “2000-2018.” At the very least, Jesse Lacey has given us awhile to cope with this news.

Just a few weeks ago Brand New released “I Am A Nightmare,” their first single in a year. The band is also touring with Modest Mouse this summer, and this news will surely make any future tours in the next two years an incredibly coveted ticket.

brand new shirts

You can buy one of these shirts for yourself here, and wear it every day between now and 2018.

Thinking about it, it would be an extremely Brand New move for them to announce a breakup on December 31, 2018… that’s exactly what they’re going to do, isn’t it? Keep checking back in for any future updates.

Gabe Aikins
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