The Photo Atlas – To Silently Provoke The Ghost

Artist: The Photo Atlascover1
Album: To Silently Provoke The Ghost
Genre: Rock
Label: Morning After

1.  Class of 2012
2. It’s Always About The Money
3. Jealous Teeth
4. Write This Down
5. You Haven’t Read Enough

There’s nothing like Spring to give us some fresh servings of up and coming bands. The Photo Atlas is a fine example of this and their new ep, To Silent Provoke The Ghost, is anything, but a silent release. The critics before us are lovestruck and it’s time to add UTG to that list.

Starting with the At The Drive In meets MewithoutYou like, “Class of 2012,” the band comes out swinging with deep bass and drum hits that syncs you instantly up with the group. The guitar work seems pretty typical for most new indie groups, but the way they are woven into the rhythm is simply undeniable. “It’s Always About The Money,” a track that starts out with a much more dance laden tone takes a solid modern rock kick. The imagery here is perfect and the light addition of claps and other background noises makes this track a quick standout and with a hook like this one has, you’ll have to agree.

The back chunk of the EP finds the group’s indie punk ethos coming out more and more. “Jealous Teeth,” has this structure that provokes your mind as much as your dancing feet and really shows the niche the band seems to be going for on this release. The lyrical depth is not as vivid as previously, but the music is so good you won’t mind. “Write This Down,” the fourth track, has some great string samples to match the 1-2 on the floor beat. The vocals come out pleading for attention and you were give in with little restraint. I really got a hint of Daryl Palumbo in the vocals this time, which is only fitting for this style of music. Finally, as we close with, “You Haven’t Read Enough,” we’re given a track that screams summer car rides. The notes just have this cheer in every tone and the story fits summer classics. Late night drives, arguing, love, oh, it is all contained within this one four and a half track. Hands down, the most accessible on the record and a great closer at the same time.

If you Google this record you will see a bandwagon forming. JUMP ON IT. The Photo Atlas have the ingredients needed to be the next big thing. Move over all you “hipster” groups, the walls are being removed and the Photo Atlas are swinging the sledgehammer. This is the kind of record that opens someone to a whole new world of sound and I don’t know why anyone would want to miss out on that.

*Written By: James Shotwell*
Score: 9/10

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