Wreck1 – Super Villain Circus EP Review


Artist: Wreck1

Album: Super Villain’s Circus EP

Genre: Hip-Hop/Rap

Label: Unsigned


1. Villains (featuring Brash)

2. Ain’t A Riddle (featuring Mr. Porter)

3. Myspace Rapper

4. Sick

5. The Club Song

6. Eat A Dick

7. White Boy

8. Onion Breath

9. Can’t Take That Back



As most readers, who frequent UTG, know, we place a high expectation on the hip-hop music we review. Let me be the first to tell you that Wreck1’s new project, Super Villian’s Circus EP, does not fall below any of our expectations and by far exceeds most projects we have reviewed so far this year.


By now our followers realize that I love Michigan hip-hop and that I would do anything to support it. Wreck1’s new EP gives me another opportunity to plug more MI music because D12’s own Mr. Porter produced his entire EP—with the exception of one track.


The Super Villain’s Circus EP starts out with the track, “Villains,” that sets the vibe to the EP perfectly. Right off the bat we are introduced to Wreck1’s polished flow and nasally delivery that distinguishes him apart from other rappers. A refreshing backdrop bass line supplied by Mr. Porter helps Wreck1 ride the hook seamlessly without any difficulties. Followed up with the song, “Ain’t A Riddle,” Wreck1 continues to impress all listeners. With Mr. Porter providing the hook on the track, it opens up the opportunity for Wreck1 to get more personal with this song than he was able to do on his introduction. Topical punches toward whack rappers and confident bars about why Wreck1 is superior to other rappers is the theme of the song and Wreck1 pulls it off.


The next track on the EP is called, “Myspace Rapper.” In my opinion, this is the best song on the entire project. This song is a mix of Wreck1 making a statement toward online rappers followed up by a small story he tells. Story telling is something Wreck1 does well over an instrumental and it shows on this song. The Autotuned hook is catchy and definitely makes the concept of the joint work. The next track named, “Sick,” has a spacey feel and an ill drum pattern that Wreck1 rides flawlessly. The concept of the song is just as the title states, with Wreck1 airing out all of the problems and things he encounters that make him sick. This song was definitely a banger.


“The Club Song,” is about as silly as Wreck1 gets on his EP. Featuring a banging beat, 1 gets down on a track with his perspective of what clubbing is all about. I’m kind of worried though…he apparently gets naked in the DJ booth…pause. “Eat A Dick,” is a track that showcases just how aggressive Wreck1 can get. Punchlines and jokes placed over a West Coast influenced track is another great formula for 1. “Eat A Dick,” was definitely one of my favorite songs on his project.


At the tail of the EP, we get the controversial, “White Boy,” track. Obviously, you can figure out what Wreck1 has to say. I kept this song on repeat for awhile because of the polished flow that 1 uses—it truly is easy to vibe with. One of my favorite lines on the track was, “…or maybe it’s the lack of ice in the chain, that could be the cause of all the ice in the vains.” Following, “White Boy,” is the song, “Onion Breath,” which has one of my favorite beats on the entire EP. The crazy break-beat style snares over the slick melody help Wreck1 destroy the track. The beat easily could have been a record that should be on the next D12 album. The final track on the EP is, “Can’t Take That Back.” This song is easily the most personal and heartfelt song he has made. The vibe of the piano and drums set a dramatic mood for Wreck1 to talk about the words in life that you won’t be able to take back after you say them. The first verse strings out words about his girl wishing he was dead and is followed up in the second and third verses about the mistake she made by saying them. What an amazing song. Honestly.


The beats on Wreck1’s new EP are nothing less than extravagant. All nine of his selections come to us in top-notch quality, being produced by Mr. Porter and Internet sensation Wyshmaster. Most unsigned artists have to take the backseat to high quality production because they do not have the funds to support the cost of an ill beat, but not Wreck1. Hats off to him for releasing quality instead of quantity—I’m sure it will pay off.


As a whole, I thought that Wreck1’s entire EP had a well balance of topics and concepts used. Not one track was over done or played out and it allowed the listener to hear something new every time a different track was played. I loved the transition between story telling songs to diss songs to personal songs.


Clearly Wreck1’s skills are present on this EP. He has a knack for writing ill lyrics and can flow for days. I loved his delivery and microphone presence because he was able to take the stereotype of “white rapper” to another level by showcasing his nasal sounding rhymes and flipping the proverbial middle finger toward the haters who don’t feel his style. You have to respect someone who has so much confidence and pride while reciting their lines in the vocal booth.


Finally, I would like to touch on the engineering side of Wreck1’s EP. Overall, I thought the mixing of the album was well done for an unsigned artist recording music within the walls of his own home. All of the vocals sounded clear and polished and didn’t lack in any aspect.


The Super Villian’s Circus EP has much replay value beyond the first listen. I listened to the EP six times, before press time, and I guarantee I’ll be playing this record many times in the future to come. For more information regarding Wreck1’s career, music, or for exclusive material be sure to visit his website at www.signwreck1.com.


Written By: Brandon “Venamis” Folsom – www.twitter.com/venamis (follow me)

Score 8.5/10


PS: best of luck to Wreck1 during his Grind Time Battles!

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