An interview with Wreck1

An Interview With Wreck1 (06/11/09)

Whats good UTG World? I’m back again with some more exclusive interview material with one of my new favorite artists Wreck1. This guy gets compared to Eminem in most aspects of the game, but believe me if you look beyond the stereotypes you’ll see a true artist when you throw on his record.

He is fresh off the release of his new project entitled Super Villain’s Circus EP, which you can download right on iTunes and put on your iPod. I’ve been bumping this EP heavy for the last 24 hours and keep finding ill lines that I’ve been missing…best believe there is a lot of replay value in this project.

Check out his website The Super Villain’s Circus EP will have a review up within the next few horus so be sure to check that out as well! Peace.

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One Response to “An interview with Wreck1”

  1. Ms.Jay says:

    Wreck has always had alot of talent and I’m just glad he is still doin his thing…good luck and pass one of those cds this way wreck luv,