MUSIC VIDEO: Farewell Continental – Dagger Dagger: Terror Terror

Farewell Continental have released their music video for “Dagger Dagger: Terror Terror.” The song is featured on their recent release Hey, Hey Pioneers! You can watch the music video below and read what the band has to say about the video as well.

Another video Directed by the great Shane Nelson. Thanks again to Richard Gill at The Uptown Theater in Uptown, Mpls for allowing us to shoot through the night. You should all stop in and catch a film there. It’s a great place to see things.

About the video: We are all fans of experimental film. This is a short film in 5 acts about love, loss, and hygiene. To speak in expansive detail about the film would be to puncture the very fragile fabric with which it was woven. We’d rather let you, the viewer, decipher its meaning. Thanks for watching.

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