UTG INTERVIEW: Sirah Discusses Icona Pop Tour, ‘Inhale’ EP

Under The Gun’s photographer, Tori Thomas, got a chance to sit down with pop artist, Sirah at The Intersection in Grand Rapids, MI on October 24, 2013. Sirah has been touring with Icona Pop for the past couple months and she’s now on tour with Twenty One Pilots. She also has her two dogs on tour with her — it’s a little piece of home.

How has the tour been going so far?

It’s been awesome; it’s been a lot of fun. It’s been cool too, because of being on a tour like this, where a lot of the dates are sold out and there are kids right by the opening; it’s been incredible. And I’ve learned so much, just from the other bands too, it’s been fun.

Speaking of tours, how was the tour with Icona Pop?

It was a blast! They’re so sweet. We also toured in a bus with K.flay, which was a lot of fun. We had dance parties, we partied. So many parties!

When did you start rapping?

About eight years ago, and it wasn’t that serious at the time, although I did it every day. But I didn’t foresee this happening.

I read that you were taught by way of Project Blowed, how did that help you become the rapper you are today?

I think it just helped me become a better person because it’s super brutal. It kinda defines you as person if you can survive that. There’s a bunch of crews in LA, Project Blowed is basically where I started learning how to rap in front of people, to take criticism, and stuff like that. They were hard on me, but they also taught me so much.

Who would you say is your biggest influence for you music?

It’s hard to narrow it down. I have my favorite artists, then I have artists I listen to when I’m having writer’s block. If I’m having writer’s block, I’ll listen to Taking Back Sunday even. It’s a vast variety of music. There are so many people, who I’m a fan of music. We’ve been listening to country music in the van the last couple of days. Music comes from anywhere you can find inspiration, which are a lot of cool places for me.

You just released Inhale recently. Which song is your favorite from the EP?

“Icarus,” without a doubt for me personally. Can I like one of them more? Like having kids, this one’s really my favorite, shhh. Don’t tell the rest, you’re just not that bright.

I see you’ve worked with Skrillex on a few songs; how was that experience?

It was awesome! He’s one of my best friends for seven years. It’s always great because making music with your friends is ideal and the fact that people listen to it after that is even more mind-boggling. It’s such an odd concept, but we always do things on the fly too. It’s not boozy music industry stuff, we’ll record in a bedroom or hotel room with a laptop.

Once this tour is done, what do you have planned?

First of all, we’re going to finish the Icona Pop run over by the west coast. The dates got canceled because they weren’t feeling well. Then I have to go home for Christmas, or else my mother will find me, wherever I am and kill me, as a sacrifice. Then I’m going to go in and make a full-length album; I’m well on my way, but nothings ever really done for me, I’m gonna focus on that and finish it.

You can check out Tori’s photos from the show here.

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