UTG PHOTOS: Fall Out Boy, Panic! At The Disco, & Twenty One Pilots (9/14/13)

Under The Gun sent photographers Corbin Alvae and Tori Thomas to The Palace on September 14 in Auburn Hills, MI.

This tour had an absolutely fabulous line-up on an amazing and memorable sunny day in Michigan! Shocker, since I, Corbin, usually always get stuck in the rain for events as you may have seen in any of my previous sets. Anyway, Tori and I were extremely excited to team up together to capture some photographic memories of this tour filled with acts we both grew up listening to and one newer act who is fantastic! So let’s get to how our night was, shall we.

Twenty One Pilots opened the Palace of Auburn Hills with all thrills attached. They began their set with “Ode to Sleep” dressed in their classic skeleton hoodies. Midway through the set, TOP performed their single, “Car Radio,” and the usual tradition of dividing the crowd in half while lead vocalist, Tyler Josep, jumped in amongst them to raise the energy. They succeeded in getting everyone ready for the insanity that was ahead. TOP are a fantastic duo that put on an entertaining performance not to be missed. EVER.

Next up was Panic! At The Disco, who kicked off their set with their classic hit, “Time to Dance.” Brendon Urie, the only remaining original member of the band, got the crowd going with the call and response during “Time to Dance” and carried it out throughout their set. Panic! performed their two new hits “Miss Jackson” and “This Is Gospel,” which will be on their upcoming album, Too Weird to Live, Too Rare to Die, set to be released on October 8. They finished their set with first original radio single, “I Write Sins, Not Tragedies.”

And finally, the venue was greeted by Illinois rockers, Fall Out Boy! Holy hell was The Palace loud. The crowd’s reaction proved immediately that Michigan was ready to party! Quick little note though, to anyone who remembers my (Corbin) Skate & Surf Photo Set from May and the little story about how Pete Wentz accidentally kicked a beach ball at my head, that thankfully didn’t happen this time around when the beach balls came out later during the show. Besides that little story though, Fall Out Boy’s performance once again was something insanely memorable; from the stage setup to the lighting, everything about the night was absolutely perfect! The mixed set list of newer tracks and older tracks really made an amazing and balanced set, especially to older fans from back in the day being able to hear the whole arena sing along to tracks like “This Ain’t A Scene” to “Thnks Fr th Mmrs” to “My Songs Know What You Did In The Dark” was phenomenal and super hype!

Overall, the whole tour package was fantastic with great vibes, great hangs and tons of memorable moments. Thanks For The Memories!

Below is our collaboration set of all three of the acts on the tour! Let us know what you think in the comments.

Twenty One Pilots

Panic! At The Disco

Fall Out Boy


To check out more photos from this show, follow the links for each photographer: Tori | Corbin

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