Valencia clear up break-up rumors

Shane Henderson of Valencia posted a statement today about the rumors of Valencia breaking up, because of previous tweets from him. You can read the statement below:

Just wanted to write you all to clear up any confusion that may have happened early this morning. First of all, Valencia are not breaking up. Secondly, we are a family….not only that, but we are a family on a constant road trip…imagine how that would end up at your house? We fight sometimes, but at the end of the day we are doing what we love, and give everything that we have to be able to do so. I wanted to apologize for what happened. Sometimes we all need to vent, but I went about it in the wrong way. To see people comment with hurtful things when they really don’t understand the situation or the true depth of my feelings… yeah I can’t say that doesn’t hurt. We give everything we have to this, and I always appreciate your continued support of Valencia. As always, the five of us would be no where without you guys.

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