Bayside Joins Instagram, Posts Something That Makes That Newsworthy


Yea, Instagram is cool. Once you filter out all of the food porn, clouds, half-nude self-shots, and the filters themselves, there are some interesting things to be found.

Bands have been slowly making their way onto the newish photo network to reach their trend-hopping friends, one of those being Bayside. They joined up today. Their first photo being a collage of 5 retro album art covers and their logo. This pretty much confirms the guess I made a few days ago. It’s a cover EP, no?

The boys entered the studio just yesterday to record something special for their tour with Taking Back Sunday that starts on the 30th. We’ll find out officially tomorrow, but I’m sticking with my gut. Follow the band on Instagram. @BaysideBand

Jacob Tender

Jacob is a freelance writer who calls home. He is also the co-host of the Bantha Fodder podcast and helps UTG with technical and financial nonsense.
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