LIVE VIDEO: Alkaline Trio – Never Before Seen Footage From 1997


Just yesterday, we shared some incredible footage of Fall Out Boy from 2002, years before they saw mainstream success. Today we have dug up even more footage of some Chicagoan favorites, this time it’s Alkaline Trio, and this footage is even older.

Typing this, I realize that I was just 4 years old when this was recorded. If I knew any songs at all, they were pop country. So, while I was doing the Jacob Jiggle, to “Watermelon Crawl,” AK3 was getting their start in local churches like the one this video was captured in.

Head below to find two video recordings of some young members of Alkaline Trio.



Jacob Tender

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  • You were only 4? That makes me feel a lot older than it should haha