IT’S TIME: Fall Out Boy Reunited


“This has been said so many times that I’m not sure if it matters…”

Oh, but it does. The time is finally here, friends. The princes of pop punk have returned in the wake of 4 years of rumor and speculation. Fall Out Boy are reunited, PropertyOfZack tells us. Believers never die.

After announcing a hiatus in 2009, the band members went their separate ways to form new projects and explore solo ventures. Controversy followed, rumor was spread on a bi-monthly basis, and ultimately shut down. Each time pushing the pin a little bit deeper into the hearts of Overcast Kids everywhere.

Rumor be gone, it’s finally true and 100% confirmed and if you didn’t believe me the first time, allow me to say it again.

Fall Out Boy is back.

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Jacob Tender

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  • not 100% confirmed…..none of the band members have said it but still OMFG

  • Joseph Trojamun ‏@trohman
    The rumors are still untrue, unreal & totally outta this world! *shreds gnar, does surf’s up hand signal*. Seriously, it’s not going down.

    Not true :C

  • We’re going off of what someone posted on a blog. But atleast fans can have even more hope than we’ve had for the past couple years. I’ll believe it when I hear it from the members now!

  • Katie Kilcoyne

    Apparently he’s hinting at them being at the Skate and surf? That’s what Poperty of Zack said on tumblr. Who knows? Keep your fingers crossed, guys.

  • Negrothuggin

    i hate you so much

  • Or is it? ;]

  • disqus_pZg6oWEwBD


  • *shreds gnar, does surf’s up hand signal* – get it?

  • fuck you they aren’t dumb shit check twitter. fuck you for lying to us.

  • YESSSSSS !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! SO EXCITED FINALLYYYYYYYY!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • alright lets all calm down here ok
    as my other idol, justin beiber once said, “never say never.”

  • I’m not sure if a reunion would work out for their image. Often times a band will decide to get back together to make a comeback and it just flops, big time. They had a good run, I say it’s best they just leave it at that.