‘World War Z’ Sequel Already In Development


Well, that certainly did not take long.

Though many studios may see opening in second as a bit of a loss, The Hollywood Reporter has learned Paramount Pictures are rather ecstatic over the $66 million domestic debut of World War Z. So much so, in fact, that a sequel is already in development.

Speaking with THR, Paramount vice chairman Rob Moore confirmed the plans shortly after the weekend box office totals were posted on Sunday. The film’s domestic take is the highest opening weekend for a non-sequel action film since Avatar, as well as the largest opening ever for star Brad Pitt.

An interesting addition, the article goes on to explain that World War Z was originally planned as a trilogy, but the immense budget and shooting conflicts that arose during production lead the studio to change their minds.

Of course, there is no way of knowing whether or not Brad Pitt will return for a sequel. A week ago it would have seemed obvious, but now that Will Smith is not involved with Independence Day 2 it seems anything is possible. We thought WWZ was just okay, but are always interested to see where productions with large budgets are able to push the horror genre. Comment below and let us know if you will see WWZ2.

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