UTG EXCLUSIVE STREAM: BoyMeetsWorld – “Where This Road Leads”


BoyMeetsWorld and UTG are teaming up to bring you the booming new single from the band, “Where this Road Leads.” BMW’s new track is a lethal dose of pop-punk music ready to make back-pack wielding, khaki-short-wearing, tank-top-sporting kids around the nation totally stoked.

Drew Richter, BMW guitarist, tell us the song takes aim at people who choose to take unconventional career paths, despite the odds.

“You have to find it in yourself to know it’s what you really want and then that’s all that really matters.” -Richter

BMW fans could be surprised with the new track. It is undoubtably pop-punk, but with a twist of some heavier influences.

“As we’ve stated before in interviews, we really want to start drawing on even more of our influences for those newer songs.” Richter said. “This song shows off a bit of my background in playing heavy music.”

Despite looking at is as heavier or not, “Where This Road Leads” is a solid track from one of pop-punks most promising up and coming acts. Click “Read More” to view an exclusive lyric video and jam the new track.

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By Matthew Leimkuehler (@callinghomematt)

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  • Brian Lion

    “Wandering down this road that we call life, it’s what we’re doin’!”

  • almostmitch

    look out for these guys!