The Chainsmokers Release Video For Remix Of Icona Pop’s “Girlfriend”


Our buddies Alex and Drew in the New York duo, The Chainsmokers, recently released a remix of the Icona Pop(ular) cut, “Girlfriend,” and then they followed up with a video accompaniment full of nostalgic elements that are sure to please anyone born in the mid to late ’80s that enjoyed the glory of the ’90s as a kid. Actually, pretty much anyone should be able to get behind the visuals.

“So here we are releasing this song “Girlfriend,” and Alex actually just got dumped by his GF, this is no joke either, it’s a sad fact but we (Drew) only mentions it so we can laugh at him for a moment because naturally, when the anthemic chorus comes about when we play it out, it’s safe to say one of us is a little quieter than the other.”

The video was created by Joe Zohar and looks fantastic. While the entire Chainsmokers version of “Girlfriend” isn’t actually featured in the video, it still pairs well regardless. You can stream the full audio rework here if you’re curious as to the results. You can check out the video and a statement about it and their slight change in sound from Alex and Drew after the jump.

“As for the song and its making, our good buddy hooked us up with Atlantic/Big Beat as we actually requested this song from them and they went out on the limb to let us try our hand at the remix and everyone was very pleased. As you might notice, this is a bit of a departure from our usual style ‘AGAIN’ but we actually made this about 3 months ago, so while it is, we really wanted to try our hand at least once at the big electro room sound, something the crowd could jump up and down to for 20 seconds, and we thought with these anthemic vocals, it would be the perfect opportunity to do just that. So dont worry we aren’t turning our back on anything, but we love to be diverse with our music. We learn so much by switching styles up and after-all its really a journey of growing to become better producers and stepping outside what you are comfortable with that leads to the brightest of futures.

So with that all said, hope you got a laugh out the video and enjoyed it, and got a few big room fist bumps out of the drop!”

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