UTG TV: Janelle Monáe Talks ‘The Electric Lady’ And New Year’s Eve Performance


Ladies and gentlemen, here she is. Billboard’s Rising Star of 2013.

In 2010, Janelle Monáe reinvented pop music with her debut release The ArchAndroid. This year she returned to the forefront with The Electric Lady– a multi-suite album centered around empowering female protagonists–that wound up topping numerous radio charts and end-of-year lists. It wasn’t long before she won Billboard’s Rising Star of 2013, an award previously given to Lady Gaga and Nicki Minaj.

Before ringing in the new year by performing as the headliner at the 25th Annual Peach Drop in Atlanta for the “Year of the Peanut” with M&Ms (yum), Janelle Monáe took the time to chat with us about the performance, her new album, and where she gets her inspiration. If one thing is obvious, it’s that Monáe’s to-do list is just getting started.

So what kind of new years resolutions does a woman this on top of her game have? Well, you’ll have to watch Janelle Monáe’s exclusive interview with Under the Gun TV below the jump to find out.

Interviewed by: Nina Corcoran (Follow her on Twitter)
Edited by: Derek Scancarelli (Follow him on Twitter)

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