UTG List: The Essential Hits Of Outkast


You would need to have spent every day since the dawn of 2014 living under a rock to have missed the news that Outkast are back together. It has been a decade since Big Boi and Andre 3000 shared the stage, and nearly seven years since they were technically together as a group, but the love fans have for the duo has remained strong throughout.

Now that the news is out about Outkast’s plans to embark on a 40-date world tour this summer, the UTG has been hypothesizing about the setlist possibilities that lie on the horizon. The discussion eventually turned to a group listening session that took us far down the rabbit hole of Outkast glory, and by the time we finished spinning The Love Below we realized a list of essential hits was needed on the site.

The list below features what we believe to be the fifteen greatest tracks ever released by Outkast. We believe the group has for more hits than the titles chosen below in their catalog, but for the sake of saving bandwidth we decided to limit ourselves to an album’s worth of tracks spanning the entirety of the duo’s career.

There is talk of a new album from Outkast hitting shelves later this year, but those stories have not been confirmed by Big Boi or Andre 3k, so we are doing our best to not get our hopes up.

What are you waiting for? Click below and join us on a journey through the career of one of the most influential hip-hop duos to ever walk the earth.

UTG List: The Essential Hits Of Outkast


1. “B.O.B.”

2. “So Fresh, So Clean” (Featuring Snoop Dogg)

3. “The Whole World” (Featuring Killer Mike)

4. Rosa Parks

5. “Southernplayalisticadillacmuzik”

6. “Roses”

7. “Ms. Jackson”

9. “ATliens”

9. “Elevators (Me and You)”

10. “I Like The Way You Move” (Featuring Sleep Brown)

11. “Player’s Ball”

12. “Hey Ya”

13. “Prototype”

14. “Funkin Around”

15. “Jazzy Belle”


UGK Featuring Outkast – “International Players Anthem”

Written by: James Shotwell (Twitter)

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