Broken Bells’ “Holding On For Life” Gets A Nick Zinner Remix


Yeah Yeah Yeahs guitarist and remix fiend Nick Zinner has resculpted the Broken Bells track “Holding On For Life.” The song is one of the singles released in advance of the duo’s sophomore album After the Disco. As Consequence of Sound notes, Zinner has been building up a respectable catalog of remixes, including takes on tracks by Bloc Party, Grinderman, and the Yeah Yeah Yeahs.

What Zinner has done here is take the duo’s leisurely stroll through the solar system and, without removing the interstellar setting or chilly tone, given it a more prominent bass that turns the track into a strobing discotheque slow jam.

It’s not a stomper, as Zinner still allows for the song’s tranquility to seep through. What it does is take the listener’s head, which was lolled back, blissfully oblivious and gazing beyond the ceiling of the room while listening to the original, and snap it forward. This remix takes action. It has agency. You, the listener, will no longer be guided through this wild new world of big pink spaceships and space suited Kate Maras. You will saunter into it, reenergized, and discover these things for yourself. Go forth and do so, for the remix is streaming over on Rolling Stone.

This is yet another nifty bit of art (and pr) from the duo in advance of After the Disco, following up snippets of the short film and live videos filmed in Paris. The album will be released on February 4 by Columbia. It is available for pre-order on iTunes.

Tyler Hanan

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