Check Out The Bots’ Music Video for “No One Knows”

The Bots

This summer I got the chance to see a slew of artists I hadn’t heard of but fell in love with instantly when seeing them perform at Barcelona’s Primavera Sound Festival. It’s a time when you’re allowed to be genuinely stunned by a new sound, a new face, and a new name. One of them, perhaps the strongest openers of the first day, was The Bots. Now they’re beginning to blow up, and we’re calling it now: keep your eye on them.

The lo-fi punk duo get louder than you’d imagine, especially considering they were only 18-years-old and 15-years-old when they were first tearing up festival stages like Warped. Straight out of LA, brothers Mikaiah and Anaiah Lei are able to wow crowds with their ferocity and ability to stick to the basics of songwriting without flaunting their already fine-tuned talent.

So when a band with as much feedback as them puts out an acoustic video for “No One Knows,” you’re left wondering what it is they can’t do. I’m not sure we’ll ever get the chance to find out; with so many years ahead of them, The Bots have plenty of road to shape their already intriguing sound.

Check out their new music video for “No One Knows” below:

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