UTG ALBUM PREMIERE: Ghost House (Featuring Members of Athletics) – ‘Sorry About Everything’

Ghost House Featured

When intheclouds label-head Dan Marter told me about Ghost House, I was intrigued. You see, Ghost House is essentially the band Athletics with a different drummer and a different attitude.

Over the past year, Marter has helped the band by recording the demos that would later become this release. “I thought it would be fun to help them record some demos… and honestly, it was fun… maybe too much, trying to crank out 8 songs over a 3 day weekend while getting “paid” in beer (which I took full advantage of)… the results were a little sketchy.”

What they accomplished proved to be enough come recording time. The band laid down the tracks in upstate New York with Paul Besch from Quiet Country Audio. You can hear them for the first time here.

Sorry About Everything will be released through intheclouds Records on March 18. Pre-order the album on vinyl here. Win a copy from our friends at Modern Vinyl here.

EDIT: Do not fear, Athletics fans. This is a separate project with a 3 of the 5 Athletics members involved, plus a different percussionist.

Jacob Tender

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  • johnthecannon

    Love this band, love this record, love these guys, love that this is streaming here, love UTG.

    I’d be bummed out if people got confused by the term “new drummer”– it sounds like the drummer from Athletics quit or got kicked out. I’d also be bummed if the sentence as a whole made people think Athletics switched their lineup and changed their name. None of the above is the case, so let me take this opportunity to make something known real quick:

    Athletics is still a band. Ghost House is 4 handsome dudes: 3/5 of Athletics and a non-Athletics drummer. Sexy drummer, but different drummer.

    Good talk. Good hustle. Go team.

  • Good point. Sorry if the wording was misleading. The post has been edited to reflect what you’ve said here.