Our Friends CONTINUE To Write Such Lovely Things


Our good friend Chris Hansen [not the Dateline NBC guy] owns No Sleep Records, home of La Dispute, The Wonder Years, and more. He just posted a very informative and funny blog regarding THE DESTRUCTION OF MUSIC AS WE KNOW IT. Here’s a taste:

I have lost complete respect for various labels that I used to love, or at least respect that have been taking part in this said “issue”. Won’t name any labels, can’t go burning bridges now. There is definitely blame to be laid upon the labels just as much as the bands given that there was a chance for denial on the labels’ parts. Had ‘no’ been the answer, there would be no growth of this “music”. Labels know this music will sell because of the image and lifestyle it presents. People (especially the audience that tends to listen to this stuff) want to fit in and belong, the lifestyle/image accompanies the music, people get to “belong” to some terrible thing, and voila, profit! I wonder if the people in these bands even like what they’re doing. Shit, how could they? If they actually do enjoy this stuff though, they need to be done away with.

To read the rest of Chris’ rant, Click HERE

*Written By: James Shotwell*

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