Former Dirty Money Boys Get Down With Billy T @ HOH!

Spanish Gamble took some time to rap with Under The Gun on the grounds of the Harvest of Hope Festival on Sunday. Following the release of a split with Ok Pilot on Failsafe Records, the band has a new moniker and plans for a full length.


[UTG] Billy: Introduce yourselves and tell me what you do in the band.

Ryan of Spanish Gamble: We’re Spanish Gamble (we used to be called Dirty Money) from Gainesville, Florida. My name is Ryan and I play bass.

James of Spanish Gamble: I’m James, and I play drums

Randy of Spanish Gamble: My name is Randy and I play guitar

[UTG]: What has your Harvest of Hope experience been like?

Ryan: We played on Friday around 6:30. It was fucking awesome though we wish we could have played closer to the ground.

[UTG]: Which stage were you guys on?

Ryan: Stage 3. We loved it, and people were running around in circles.

[UTG]: You guys have to tell me what the name change is about!

Ryan: The name change is because there were like 10-12 rappers called Dirty Money or variations of it, with a dollar sign or whatever. Then there was another hardcore band from the UK, and they were getting pretty big. We’re doing our first full length on Paper and Plastic and we figured it was the best time to change our name.

[UTG]: Tell me about your full length.

Ryan: We’re supposed to be doing it in May or June with Matt Allison up in Chicago, and Vinnie from Less Than Jake.

[UTG]: When is the tour?

Ryan: Right after the full length comes out, and there will be a limited run of CDs. Paper and Plastic is all about the vinyl.

[UTG]: Whats your association with Failsafe Records?

Ryan: We’re really good friends with them. Shaun’s a really good guy, and he puts out good bands. Literally weeks before we met him we met Vinnie, then we started talking to Shaun. He’s holding it down so hard for Failsafe Records. Anchor Arms is so sick, every single band he has on there is so sick. Failsafe Records is sick, check them out.

[UTG]: Where is Spanish Gamble from?

Ryan: Two of us were born in Massachusetts, and we met in New Mexico, then we moved out here. James is from Connecticut. We met Randy after our old guitarist quit, and we met him on tour. He’s from New Jersey, came down here and he’s working out great.

[UTG]: How is the Gainesville scene?

In Gainesville there’s a little bit of a hierarchy. We’re a young band out there and sometimes its hard to get tossed a bone. And there’s great restaurants.

[UTG]: We let you have the floor to close the interview, say or plug whatever you’d like.

James: Do drugs.

Ryan: Check out all the bands from Gainesville.

Randy: Jersey.

All: We love the Kickstand, 1982, Buddha Belly, Wing Zone in Gainesville, they bought us our merch tent.

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