UTG Covers Harvest of Hope Festival in Saint Augustine, FL

Under The Gun Review was present for the 3-day benefit festival in Saint Augustine, Florida for the Harvest of Hope Foundation. With a schizophrenic line up of genres spanning hip hop to punk, we were sure to get a mad mix of interviews. The Saint John’s Fairgrounds boasted multiple stages, vendors, non-profit organizations and a campground. Who knew that raising money for migrant farm workers could be so fun?

The days were hot and breezy and the nights were cool and dusty at the Harvest of Hope Festival, and UTG staff found it the perfect climate to thrash. Stage 4 was modest in size, but hosted some of our favorite performances of the weekend. Bridge and Tunnel was passionate and melodic, and their energy was undeniable. Guitarist Rachel wins my heart as she shreds, screams and engages the audience of jaded, dirty punks. On the same stage, Assassinate The Scientist played their gritty ditties in the heat of the day after vocalist Nick took some time to talk with us. The adorably nerdy Deerhunter‘s set took place on Saturday, during which singer Bradford Cox asked, “How many of you guys have even heard us before?” He laughed when most his audience cheered and yelled song titles. Just as endearing was the performance of King Kahn and the Shrines, complete with dancing flapper girl, glitter capes and sexual innuendo. Those in attendance to any or all days of the festival were sure to catch some outstanding shows. 

*Written By: Billy T*

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