Aiden Titles New Album!

Following the near lethal interview we had with Wil Francis, we can now reveal to you the title of the upcoming Aiden album. However, we’ll just post it as Aiden themselves did on their Myspace:

Ok kiddos.. you’ve been waiting and now its coming.. May 12th our new record called “Knives” comes out.. Make sure to go pick that shit up.. its raw, its fast, its pissed… We are so fuckin proud of this record… and we hope you guys dig it .. also come see us on warped tour all summer long…. and for the uk the release date is May 11th.

See you all soon
Angel+ Aiden


We are.

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2 Responses to “Aiden Titles New Album!”

  1. aiden says:

    fuck yes!!!!!!!!!
    ive been waiting for aiden 2 hav a new album since conviction way back in 07
    i fucking love these guys

  2. Emmiie says:

    getting this album <3