Watchout! There’s Ghosts – Ghost Town

Artist: Watchout! There’s Ghosts 8579462x
Album: Ghost Town
Genre: Dance Rock
Label: Rise

Big or small, there are always those new and upcoming bands that push the entire music scene forward. This electronic, experimental, and progressive blend of music intrigued me to wonder who will continue this duo’s work through being an inspired listener and musician. The first thought that crossed my mind about them was how drowned out their vocals were from being altered by the electronic sound. Don’t get me wrong, this feature can absolutely work towards a band’s benefit, but I thought it was overdone.

Another point to my reasoning is that they have 2 members in the band; knowing this it strikes me that they would strive to clearly emphasize their lyrics. I can tell by their vocal style they wanted their lyrics to stand out, but I think they approached it the wrong way. If they had done their instruments dynamics differently, and had greater variances in the beat and melodies it really could turn this album around.

After reading their lyrics I was actually impressed by their ability to write. Lots of bands today treat lyrics as less of a priority, so I was happy to see that they put forth the effort and had the artistic talent to write something worth reading. In their song “Never You” they have a lyrical breakdown that reminded me of The Used’s song “Take it Away”. It makes “Never You” that much better, because I felt the breakdown was filled with emotion from personal experience and heartbreaking tragedy. I think this brings the listener closer to the music and the band members, because you could possibly relate to it in some way.

The instrumentation they use is pretty simple, and the music isn’t too complicated. It gives off a very poppy/dance vibe, and although I am not their target audience, I see where they aim for a fan base. Honestly, as a whole, I wasn’t impressed with their music and I couldn’t wait to finish listening to the album because close to all of their songs sounded the same.

If you like to jump up and down and bust a move or 2, I would recommend you see them in concert or listen to this album. As for me, I will be waiting to see who can upgrade this style of music to something I will actually pick over other bands on my iPod.
*Written By [OUR NEW WRITER]: Alex Gohl
Score: 4.5/10

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2 Responses to “Watchout! There’s Ghosts – Ghost Town”

  1. Robin Schultze says:

    To be honest, none of these songs sound the same. I’ve followed them since day one. And seriously, I don’t even know how you came to that conclusion. You must not listen to techno enough, because they had SO many varying elements in their music it was insane. ALREADY on top of the alternative spin they put to techno. This review was quite disappointing.

  2. Politics says:

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