Copeland Interview!

543_copelandA long time has been spent wishing on our end and today we finally got to talk to Aaron Marsh of Copeland!

UTG: Hey Aaron, how’s it going today?

Copeland: I’m alright, thanks.

UTG: So what is currently going on in the world of Copeland?

Copeland: We’re on tour. We’ve been out for 3 weeks. In a bit we have some time to lay low at home awhile before we go out again.

UTG: Now, just a bit ago you released The Grey Man EP, what can you tell me about that?

Copeland: Well we had a few b-ides and tunes that were’nt ready for the record. They hadn’t been out in a digital form yet ad we wanted to get it out. I’m not a big fan of digital releases, I think they’re a bit soul less, but people wanted it so we gave it to them.

UTG: You guys are 4 records, a b-sides compilation, and a couple EPs into your career, are you where you thought you’d be at this point?

Copeland: I don’t know if I had  specific idea for this point at our career. We lost the biggest band in the world bug a bit ago and we’re okay with that. We’re not a powerhouse band at this point, but all we’ve wanted was to make records and pay our rent. We’ve been able to do that. It’s interesting how you define success as time goes along.

UTG: You’ve all grown up quite a bit since the first record how would you say touring has changed?

Copeland: The first year of touring we were young and had lives at home. All we had was our music and a thirst for adventure. Obviously the first tours were a drea come true even though we were playing crapy clubs and basements. We’re still playing dives, but it’s a job for us. We all have other things in our lives right now that we have found to complete us. We’re still loving touring, but now it’s kind of a means to an end. We still love it though, but we look at it differently now.

UTG: You did a live recording in Portland awhile back, do you think you’ll ever do another live disc?

Copeland: Well the thing about those recordings is that they’re a bit uh…some of them sound decent and some sound less than decent. e’ve talked about doing another one in the next year or year and a half that we want to put more time and thought into. That was done on the fly and there’s a charm to it, but it doesn’t make for the most professional recording.

UTG: Speaking of live, what does the rest of 2009 look like at this point for Copeland?

Copeland: We have another headlining run planned in July and we’re trying to workout a support tour after that. We don’t really have any offers yet though. I like supporting more than headlining. I like playing for new folks and feel like I have to earn their approval. It’s a good pressure. It’s a different kind of pressure now. There’s a “not letting people down” pressure. It’s much less positive. It’s more like I fear I’ll dash someone out of liking our band if i sing bad.

UTG: Well, I don’t want to keep you for too long, but we do have a rite of passage for the closing part of any interview. Instead of a last question we ask you to do a personal soapbox of sorts. Make a statement that has nothing at all to do with Copeland, touring, or anything released to the band:

Copeland: Lost is the best show on television because it has pretty incredible character development and has everything.

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  1. Sabina says:

    People should read this.

  2. tyler h says:

    if they are gonna do something live, it should be a dvd!