Farewell To Freeway – Only Time Will Tell

farewellArtist: Farewell To Freeway
Album: Only Time Will Tell
Genre: Heavy Rock
Label: Victory

I have been in a bit of music slump as late. It seems that any new music that touches my ears isn’t enough for me. And unfortunately, my next band I review could fall under my deadly wrath. Farewell to Freeway faces a daunting task with their latest album Only Time Will Tell. Not only are they a potentially hit-or-miss scream and sing band, but they were handed to me with the description of being a watered down Atreyu. Anything that is watered down tastes awful. Why would you want anything watered down? Not a good start, generically titled and stereotyped band.

The band starts off a little slow. Their style reminds me of Life In Your Way, who focus on slower, more atmospheric songs. Typically however, metal shouldn’t be played this slowly. The sung choruses are supposed to act as a nice break to the screaming, but such isn’t the case. The voice, whoever it is (I’m sure it is Chris the guitarist, since four members are credited with just ‘vocals’) doesn’t appeal to me. It isn’t whiney, but it doesn’t have the hook to draw me in.

While the tempo of the songs isn’t up to par with my energy, I will give the band credit for their multiple layers. “The Last Thing I’ll Ever Say” features some In Flames-esque keyboards, which is basically the only significant keyboard part on the entire album. Other than that, you might hear some relatively unimportant background ambience from the keys, while the guitars do most of the work. The guitars are very reminiscent of Life in Your Way, with powerful, thorough chords played over soothing melodies. Although the breakdowns here and there don’t feel out of place, they don’t pack a punch due to the turtle-paced music.

Quite surprisingly, I feel the album puts forth its best effort on the latter half. Here at UTG, I’m sure you have read plenty of reviews bringing down the dreaded second half of albums. (DSHAs- soon to be used acronym for dreaded second half of albums) “Years” and “Here as One” both have memorable hooky parts, most likely as a result of the band’s sound growing on me. Unfortunately, not all is well. “Cemetery Dates” painfully drags on until a solo near the end nearly saves it. I thought the instrumental “Waking the Giant” was an enjoyable listen, but it bugs me that Life in Your Way’s latest album is entitled Waking Giants. Sorry F to F, the third time I mention a band comparing it you is just unheard of in my book.

To be perfectly fair, which I usually am, this music isn’t bad in any way. The songs make sense together and the production is solid. The band just does not wow me in any way, being moderately good in all categories but not great in any particular one. Forget the watered down Atreyu; if you want to listen to Life in Your Way playing with lower expectations, I’ve got what you are looking for. 

Rating: 5/10

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