Sonny Moore – Gypsyhook EP

sonnygypsyhookbarfmilk_02109Artist: Sonny Moore
Album: Gypsyhook EP
Genre: Pop?
Label:  Atlantic

If it’s truly cold at the top of the world, then Sonny Moore must have suffered from severe frost bite right before he left From First To Last. The once teen king of the screamo scene left it all behind years ago to go a different direction. After many comments on either side, and somewhat creepy Myspace demos, we’re given the first legitimate record from Sonny Moore. The results will be shocking for anyone who once hung on the still young man’s every word. In fact, I think it’ll shock almost anyone with decent to great or sub par hearing.

Gypsyhook whose titled track kicks off the EP, is a short lived disaster. I’m all for trying something new, but there’s something to be said for that thought in the back of your head when creating something that goes, “maybe you should think about this some more.” The titled track showcases the entire disc with it’s high, near nauseating vocals, lyrics that make little sense and a lot of synth and electronica. Sonny has turned his dark world of words into something a bit less serious [at face value] and backed by the same music Madonna denied for her Ray of Light album.  Following it is the final version of, “Mora.” Now this is a track that’s been around for a minute now, but it’s still a disappointment. Lyrics that have very little flow and no flowing storyline fill terrible drum loops and are greeted with the much worn vocals of Sonny. Thanks to some medical complications, his voice no longer has the fire of FFTL [think the change in Avenged Sevenfold] and that combined with just cheesy scene/dance/pop completes an order for car wreck. Following this is, “Copaface2,” which, well, I’m not even going to touch on.

The back half of the disc is filled with remixes, but if you start with garbage, there are very few ways to make it much more. Even the world famous Toxic Avenger who just rocked a Family Force 5 remix, can’t save this record. Each remix just sounds like a slightly prolonged version of the audio pain we just endured.

Once again, I’m all for being original and taking a new step in your career, but Sonny, are you serious? What compels a person to not only make this music, but to think it on par with previous works? Also, what compelled a major label to bring it to the masses? It’s all about as confusing as the lyrics on Gypsyhook. Run from this release. Run.

Score: 1/10

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11 Responses to “Sonny Moore – Gypsyhook EP”

  1. Billy T says:

    Wow, this looks/sounds terrible.

  2. twipz says:

    you’re a fucking asshole! this is Sonny’s music! Sonny’s artwork! and he has a lot of people who support him 100%

    obviously this isn’t your favorite style of music so stop fucking listening! and get over the fact that he left fftl! he left because it wasn’t for him anymore and now he’s happy with what he’s doing! and thats all that matters

    PS: it’s rotten to me NOT run to me your moron

  3. DeAnnaBanana says:

    Did you sign that “your moron” just wondering…

  4. concertchick 21 says:

    yeah, you have no idea what ur talking about. I saw him last night and he was simply amazing, and his EP is amazing.

    You obviously need to get the shit out of your ears and listen again.

  5. Maddy2295 says:

    i fucking love him! Sonny is amazing, and anyone who thinks he isn’t has fucking issues, I personally also think that this kind of music fits him way more than his fftl music. But he’s fantastic no matter what and I support him 9,999,999%

  6. victor says:

    Actually, I really believe the EP was created in hopes to generate some tour revenue and some cash flow for recording his full length. I’ll agree, that this ep was somewhat not completely thought out, but he is still just struggling to get out on his own and find what he absolutely wants to pursue. Which is hard, I mean even the change from fftl’s dear diary to heroine, I had to listen to heroine about 10 times before I really just got the concept. If you listen to the title track off that album and listen to the new version of mora you’ll realize that he really hasn’t changed vocal wise. He just sings with more of a head voice which, I know, some people absolutely hate, but I got a lot of respect for someone who can belt out those notes like he can. It may not be your thing, but its just not cool to completely dog on him like that. Just because his music isn’t angsty and angry anymore doesn’t mean its not good. You really have to go into depth to understand his music. Cause there’s definitely interviews about what those songs mean to him and its really just a matter of whether you think its art or not. Idk. I respect your opinion, I just wish you wouldn’t word it like that. Cause if you really don’t take the time to appreciate what it is the artist is trying to accomplish, then you’d might as well not listen at all.

    Cheesy drum fills, madonna-esque keys, and nails on the chalkboard vocals are my thing I guess.

    I would just really suggest sticking around for the full length before you lose all hope, guy.

    Cause some really great bands don’t start off on the right foot or come up short sometimes.

    Just give it a chance, and go to one of his live shows. Because I promise you, you really can’t compare what you hear on stage to what you hear on the album.

  7. Sonny moore at first to me, sounded a bit high pitched for my taste in hardcore/emo..whatever they wanna call it.. but being in an electronic band once myself- it takes a LOT of talent to make beats, synth, and scratch, as well as sing the way he does. his lyrics make plenty of sense to anyone with a fucking brain. seriously. one example- Gypsyhook- that song makes perfect sense and if you have ever really listened to ANY FFTL or Sonny- u know he uses constant metaphors and is very direct at the same time.
    Sonny moore is an impressive artist. I will always enjoy ANY music he makes. be it screamo, hardcore, rock, electronic, or even just the remixes and DJ action he throws out there. This biased opinion is of no value. The fans speak for themselves. You can go listen to some alterna-crap and pretend you know what music is.
    Enjoy your Lady Gaga and Maddonna.

    Booo to this review.

  8. Missadictt says:

    Thats not nice,Sonny’s a pretty goods singer,and hes pretty awesome at remixes and shit,so why dont you listen to Skirllex before you say anything more.

  9. Sven says:

    Why don’t you take a look at where these “new steps” in his career has gotten him? He found his niche as Skrillex, and would probably laugh at your excessively snarky attitude now.

  10. This was posted long before Skrillex was even established. Why don’t you look at posting dates?

  11. This release was pretty terrible. It completely apart from what Sonny has released as Skrillex, I think this review was justifiable.