First Impressions: Drop Dead, Gorgeous – The Hot N’ Heavy

First Impressions is a segment where we let you into our early thoughts on a highly anticipated album, This week, we have our early views on Drop Dead, Gorgeous’ The Hot n’ Heavy. It drops this June.


If the past few albums are any indicator whatsoever, Summer 2009 may set the bar for great music Summers to come. I have yet to hear a record that I anticipated in any way, shape, or form that has truly let me down. Some have been less than they could have been, but nothing has fallen face first. Another solid example would be The Hot n’ Heavy, the new record from Drop Dead, Gorgeous. Having been completely letdown by their previous record, Worse Than A Fairy Tale, my expectations for this record were quite low. I absolutely adored this group’s first two releases and was afraid they’d be soiled even more with this record, but wow, was I wrong. Move over In Fear and Faith and A Day To Remember, the pool for best sing/scream, heavy scene record of the year just got a strong contender. This album absolutely reestablishes DD,G as one of the best bands in the scene today. “Beat The Devil Out of It,” as well as, “Can’t Fight Biology,” simply slay while, “Two Birds, One Stone,”gives us a softer more rock driven side to the group. All the best elements of the bands have finally found their proper place and it shines throughout the album. I can’t say enough. This record will dominate.

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